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  • Ainsworth Periphery Wax - Blue / Pack of 100g

    Ainsworth Periphery Wax - Blue / Pack of 100g Light blue wax sticks used to expand the periphery of the impression tray. Soft and easily molded. Also available in Hard...
  • Ainsworth Dental Plaster 20kg

    Ainsworth - Plaster Ainsworth Dental Plaster is a high grade economy plaster ideal for all general laboratory work. It offers low expansion, excellent positioning, and hard & smooth edges when...
  • Ainsworth White Die Stone 20kg

    Ainsworth -  White Die Stone Investo White Diestone is a very hard type IV die stone which sets to a smooth clean surface. It is ideal for models which require...
    From $110.00
  • Ainsworth Orange Oil Solvent / 200ml

    Ainsworth - Orange Oil Solvent - 200ml The classic cleaning solution which easily removes alginate and other impression materials and plasters from impression trays, hands and other surfaces.
  • Ainsworth Ortho Stone 20kg

    Ainsworth - Ortho Stone For orthodontics casts and study models, easy to mix, good fluidity, harder than ordinary orthodontic plaster. Easy to grind & polish. Shiny, ultra white surface.
    From $86.00
  • Ainsworth Mounting Stone 20kg Bag

    Ainsworth Mounting Stone 20KG Bag Specially formulated mounting stone for rapid setting and zero expansion to facilitate quick and easy mounting on articulator. Expansion less than 0.03% and working time...
  • Ainsworth Buff Stone 20kg

    Ainsworth - Buff Stone Ainsworth Buffstone is ideal for laboratory processing, it has a popular cream colour, good hardness, good fluidity and low expansion.
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