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N95 Masks

ProtekNano A99 / P2 Antiviral Respirator - 3D Design / Box of 10

The Techonlogy


The Protek Nano A99 Antiviral P2 Respirator has been clinically tested to kill 99% of viruses and can be effectively worn for up to 24 hours before disposal*. This cuts costs, reduces environmental waste and increases worker efficiency.

The next-generation nanotechnology filter used in the four-layer mask captures both the large droplets and tiny airborne particles that spread communicable viruses, including COVID-19. Once trapped, the nanotechnology filter deactivates and kills the virus, protecting the wearer and those around them, and minimizing potential biohazard risks after disposal.

The innovation of the A99 mask is in the replacement of the traditional "melt-blown polypropylene filter" with a proprietary "trap and kill" nanofiber membrane designed to firstly capture tiny contaminants like the SARS-CoV-2 virus (60 - 140 nm) and then deactivate the viral microbes on contact through lipid envelope disintegration and protein denaturation using an innovative combination of antiviral agents.

Each nanofiber is functionalized with the antiviral agents during the electrospinning process - no external treatments are applied to the membrane. The filtration efficiency of the nanofiber membrane is maintained over an extended time period, even when wet, due to the high specific surface area (>500 m2/g) achieved during the electrospinning process and does not rely on electrostatic charge for filter performance, as do traditional melt blown filters, which dissipates over time and when wet.

The Protek Nano A99 Antiviral P2 Respirator achieves bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and particle filtration efficiency (PFE) of >99% to exceed the standards of conventional N95, KF94, and P2 Respirators as well as meeting AS1716:2012 and AS4381:2015 standards. The mask design also meets CDC recommendations to seal around the face without gaps to block the entry of unfiltered air.


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ProtekNano A99 / P2 Antiviral Respirator - 3D Design (Individually Wrapped) / Box of 10

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